Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Proof, Faith & Truth


Most often we human beings know something of Truth before re realize we do.  Long before we can articulate some bit of Truth.... we seem to “know” that what we are thinking about doing is not what we “should” be doing.

How do we “know” this?  And is this “knowing” such that we trust what we “know”?  Or, is our MIND able to rationalize what we want to do in such a way that we do this thing despite “knowing” better?

The whole of life on this physical plane  is a constant battle between good and evil.  And what that means is a battle between the MIND that is attached to ones Soul, and ones Soul itself.

The peculiar thing is that ones Soul is pure Spirituality, and it can only Know Truth. And Truth is an Absolute Energy.  It has its own vibrational identity, and it cannot be anything other than Truth. To know other than Truth, a “MIND” was attached to ones Soul so that ones Soul could explore and experience the Creation... none of which is part of Truth.  Truth in an Absolute sense, that is.

It takes a considerable effort for ones Soul to achieve the status of human being.  Most people are not aware of this, nor  do they find reason to contemplate this, at least in the West, and in America, because of the influence of Christianity.

    One simple misinterpretation of the Bible has caused generations of Westerners to go through life experiencing a great deal of conflict, confusion, and pain.... simply because they “believed” they only had one life to live.  In fact, a recent interest of mine, “Veterans who contemplate suicide”, can be traced directly to this basic misinterpretation of the Bible.

Many people who are intellectual, or are confined to the brain and thinking as their primary means of relating to life, write books.  And what they do not realize is that their MINDs will never be able to perceive the Energy of  Spirituality.  So, very subtly, they write what is both comfortable to and allowed by their MINDs.  This means they write that which subtly misdirects readers in ways that subtly lead them astray... relative to Truth.  Although both writers and readers  believe their intention is to become educated, and that is said to be positive.

This general misdirection is built into Life, and so, virtually everyone is unknowingly participating in, and reinforcing this misdirection in one form or another. Writers, teachers, and parents are all doing their best to “educate” children.... and none of these adults realize they are subtly teaching their children to be dishonest relative to themselves.  To increase dependence upon thinking while denying and avoiding the faculty of Intuition.  And since Intuition is the ONLY way to contact Truth, most people are doing their very best to search for truth by looking in paces where Truth cannot be found.

Philosophy, for example, once was the study of Life. But over many centuries, this study of the whole of Man subtly became a purely intellectual activity in which Intellectualism completely dominates this field.  Philosophy is now a study of thinking, and of thinking how to say the same things in different ways, and when one is able to do this, he is rewarded with great praise.   Philosophy has been traveling in a direction opposite that of Truth for a long time.

And people reading what intellectuals write are unknowingly led astray.  And people have to do this until they can personally discover the error of their way.  And for most people, this will take many, many lifetimes.  Contrary to what Christianity suggests, each human being has as many lifetimes in which to find the Truth as might be required?

So, proof of a physical nature is what the brain demands... since the brain is confined to the physical plane as far as its ability to perceive is concerned. As long as one needs “proof” one avoids Truth.
And faith is what keeps people butting their heads against the barriers of the illusion of life in which only that which the brain can perceive is considered important.  Nothing of the physical plane is composed of Truth, of course, so as long as one is confined to thinking and this physical plane, one is prevented from discovering Truth.  But because some people have indicated that they found truth, people retain faith that truth is discoverable.

This is where “revelation” before “enlightenment” comes into play.  Ones Soul awakens to bits of Truth by a process that is virtually unknown to Man.  I call that process  “Esotransmutation”.  “ion” on the end of a word often means or indicates “process”.  This is a process that is entirely “Esoteric”, or part of what I refer to as the “Intramanus portions” of Man. That is, the invisible operations taking place within Man that ones brain cannot perceive.

So, it is not uncommon for a person to Intuit a bit of higher relative truth, and the only thing a person notices is that he/she now looks at life in a slightly different way... due to a bit of insight that subtly come to him/her as an Ah-ha.  A sudden momentary awakening to a bit of truth that came to him/her “out of the blue”... so to speak.  This involuntary bit of insight, is ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] feeding ones conscious awareness a bit of truth that one is “ready” to awaken to.  This bit will subtly nudge one toward good as opposed to evil.
It would no doubt surprise the reader to hear that this is the way each Soul is slowly and gradually maturing.  More accidentally than intentionally it would seem. But of course, the Soul of a person has “earned” this bit of truth by “completing” a great deal of Karma over many lifetimes.  And the Soul that has such an Intuitive experience is “ready” for this, otherwise it would not take place.

So, here we are.... Souls seeking to understand what Life is all about, thinking as hard as we can... which only prevents us from such discovery.  Isn’t this a strange state of affairs?  Well, it is of course, and this is also Life.


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