Monday, June 11, 2012

When Religion leaves Spirituality

When I hear  people voice concern about Islam, and how followers of Islamic religion are  seeking to impose their rules, regulations, habits, and prejudices upon America.... What occurs to me is the following:

Although religions in America are allowed a great deal of freedom, I believe we all make a great error when we begin to allow any religion to spread outside the religion itself.  In America, as long as the Constitution remains in place.... no religion can dictate that non-members adhere to any organizational rituals whatsoever.

I believe the Quaker religion can impose dress codes on their members, but not on non-members. And I believe the Quaker religion realizes this limitation on religion.  However, any and all ethnic and cultural bias  imposed on people in other  countries or regions of the world by religions are not allowed to be imposed on citizens of America... unless those citizens want to adopt the physical trappings of a religion whose sense of itself is so insecure that it needs to adopt physical trappings to remind its members that they are "religious".

The problem America is beginning to make, and it needs to be corrected very quickly... is that we are no longer differentiating between Spirituality, and nonsense.  And it is time America stand up and call nonsense by its name.

That is.... God is concerned with the Soul of Man, and the Soul is INVISIBLE.  Spirituality is also INVISIBLE, and is a vibrational energy whose resonance exists, but not on this physical plane.  Spirituality is of the "heart" not the head.  Special clothing is of the head.  Coverings of the body are of the head. Shawls, head coverings, shoes, special handshakes, stick-on's that are placed on ones forehead are all physical, and once again..... SPIRITUALITY is not physical.  Spirituality requires ONLY that ones "attention" be withdrawn from the world and placed at the center of ones forehead, and one then contemplates on Loving God with all ones power to do so.  And this power is lessened in all religions because no one knows what God looks like, and so.... meditating on SPIRITUALITY is difficult.

But no amount of physical trappings will increase ones SPIRITUALITY one bit!  And forcing the members of a religion to wear certain clothing, or certain hats, or certain anything is OK... if the members of that religion want to pretend that such actions mean something..... but all it means is that such people are trying their best to "act" religious.  It is not OK, and should NEVER be OK in America to allow any religion to impose its insecurity upon the citizens of America.

And it is time that a stand be taken in this regard.  This means of course that all religions must begin to turn their focus from outward physical trappings to an inward seeking of Spirituality.  And religious trappings must be left at the door of the building housing the region... unless one wants everyone to see how insecure he/she is with his/her religion?

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