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In his book: In and Out the Garbage Pail, Fritz Perls, said that in Man is a phenomenon he referred to as a "blind spot".  He said that this phenomenon was capable of causing a person to not "see" or "hear" certain things.
Perls also said that this phenomenon was "well known"... and in his idea that it was "well known", I believe he was mistaken. Not that his observation of what he called "Scotoma" was in error, but his belief that his colleagues in mental health were "familiar" with this phenomenon was  mistaken.
I say this because if it were "well known" by professionals in mental health, then more people in mental health would speak out about the "blind-spot" of liberal type individuals.
And precious little can be found about this "blind-spot" and liberalism.
I refer to the phenomenon referred to by Perls as the "DM=SI" of the MIND of Man [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. Research Here.
The reason so little is known about this phenomenon, in mental health today... is that mental health today is quite different than when Perls was active in the field.  Perls spend several years engaged in his own analysis with a therapist, seeking to discover the operations of his own MIND.  Today, the general consensus is that the MIND doesn't matter.  And yes, this is pretty bizarre... but nonetheless true.  But do not take my word for this, ask almost any professional in mental health today [under the age of seventy] what the MIND is, and you will be told that "We will soon know what the "mind" is."  This is what much of the field has been saying for the last fifty years.
The personality of the liberal-type individual has certain characteristics that apply to all liberal-type individuals.  One characteristic is the belief that life is unfair. Another is that wealth should be taken from those who possess it [if they are not liberals] and re-distributed to the poor, in order to make life more equal.
What "causes" these "beliefs" is a certain lack of awareness of two key points of Reality.  One point is the Law of Karma, and the other is Reincarnation.  These are generally unknown because they are not taught in the West, and too... they conflict with the mistaken notion that the Soul only has unlimited lifetimes to live in order to pursue the Purpose of Life.
Test yourself on this one....  How familiar are you with the basic tenets of the Law of Karma, and how familiar are you with the reason for your existence?  If you are not certain or clear as to the reason you exist, then how can you be certain that you "Know" the whole of yourself regarding those parts of yourself that are invisible to your physical senses?
My point is this:  The "whole" of Man is much more complex and difficult to explain that what your brain can accomplish by simply thinking about what to it, is quite invisible.  You have a MIND realm which is fully composed of invisible energies and operations that can "cause" your brain to "think" whatever your MIND wants your brain to think... or not think.
As a consequence, it is not possible for those individuals  who are limited to use of their brains and thinking  as their primary or in some instances, only.. means of discovering the Esoteric [or unknown elements of Life].  To experience these subtle portions of Man [research Here],
What modern mental health does not realize is that the only people actually "meant" to enter and study the Esoteric dimensions of Man [the original intent of Psychology] are individuals who possess some substantial level of psychic ability.  And people come to this possession by having lived a great many lifetimes and have,  during the course of these lifetimes,  engaged in a dedicated study of the Intramanus portions of Man.
In this way does a Soul prepare itself to awaken to those portions of itself and others that are normally "invisible" to people.
Today, in 2012, we as Americans have traveled so far afield from what Psychology used to be, that to people like myself, at 77 years of age, the field of mental health is no longer recognizable... or distinguishable from any field of study that relies entirely on the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking.  A field of study entirely devoid of emotionality, in-sight, Intuition.... which is an aspect of ones Spirituality, and an active belief in the "Whole Human Being".
The liberal personality/psychology is simply too "normal" to be able to "experience" the invisible waves of Reality that nudge those capable of experiencing them... to subtly identify the difference between good and evil in Life.
The liberal believes in the unfairness of life because this is what his/her MIND causes him/her to believe. And the liberal simply has not lived the necessary lifetimes to enable him/her to "see" the Truth, as Christ said of his disciples when mentioning the inability of the masses to "see" what Christ taught.
The Law of Karma will not allow unfairness in Life.  Nor will it allow any Soul to experience inequality. A person may perceive inequality.... because that person has no resources of elevated Consciousness to counter the deceptions of his/her MIND.  But those of us who can "see", need to speak out about those who cannot "see".  Before it is too late.

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