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For many years I have known that individuals in several fields of science have consistently held assumptions based on faulty beliefs. I am certain I have not been alone in realizing this fact, but perhaps my unique nature is drawn to this problem more than others? The problem of which I speak is like a "secret" hand silently working behind a great deal of negativity for Man around the world, and manifesting itself in different ways in different parts of the world.

This can be explained by simply saying it is the "Law of Karma" at work. But how many people in the West, and particularly in America, comprehend what I mean when I say the "Law of Karma"? Not many is the answer.... and this rather extensive ignorance merely compounds the "problem". The "problem" is not something one can see, hear, or deal with directly... and this insures that this problem is near impossible to eradicate. And with the field of mental health, or what I refer to as "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"] actively engaging in denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man... the problem continues and perhaps even "naturally" becomes worse.

Let us ask a question that requires a huge leap in thought that is not considered rational by most people: What does the phrase "One must Love, pursue or search for God" mean? How many of you realize that this is not really an invitation.... it is in actuality a COMMAND.... that precious few hear as such.

It is an Esoteric COMMAND to ones Soul - or rather ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul], and a major issue is raised when those we are told are "authorities" regarding God, are in fact not only not authorities, but are ignorant of the Esoteric nature of this COMMAND.

Further exacerbating this issue is the fact that those who claim to "know" God [or those who believe there is no God] are delusional in their thinking, but they are unaware they are delusional. Their MINDs cause them to "think" thoughts that are quite false. This is accomplished by their MINDs subtly feeding the Left-Hemisphere of their brains "Delusional Thinking" [or "D-Think"], that causes them to believe that what they "think" is true. Perhaps you find this difficult to believe? If you doubt this, you share your doubt with the vast majority of the Western world. And modern mental health reinforces this doubt [for detailed insight into the phenomenon of the MIND that accomplishes this... click here].

We can pursue the Esoteric in one of two ways. We can pursue it from the Left-Hemisphere (L-H) of the brain, or we can pursue it from the Right-Hemisphere of the brain. To pursue Life from the L-H of the brain is the "normal" way to "think" about Life, and this is automatically provided by ones MIND. That is, this is normal for those Souls that perch on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life. And this demands a little explanation.

I hesitate to pile too much Esoteric awareness on the reader all of a sudden, but then, since this writing is only about the Esoteric dimensions of Life, the sooner we can get the reader within the Esoteric dimensions of Life, the better. I use the image of the Ladder of Life [a huge step ladder upon which all Souls that have committed to Life are perched] because it gives us a common and familiar image.

The way in which a Soul ascends a rung of this ladder is by accumulating what I call "Spiritual Evolution". The chain of Esoteric phenomena that results in Spiritual Evolution is quite involved, fully Esoteric and lays out thusly: The completion of ones Karma is converted into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding by an Esoteric process within Man that I refer to as "Esotransmutation".

The Esotransmutation process goes like this: One does an action and that action is marked upon some MINDLine within ones MIND, and a Karmic "due bill" is set upon the Yin side of that MINDLine and this "due bill" will draw the same action to be taken against oneself at some future date. This Karmic process is an Absolute. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the "Fate Karma" a person brings into Life that the person designed at the close of his or her last life. This working through ones Karma is in fact the Purpose of Life. We enter each life with a Fate Karma that is not arbitrary, capricious, nor accidental. The Law of Karma is "the way" Man fulfills the Purpose of Life. That the Law of Karma is an Absolute, and that it is the design of God is neither understood or comprehended by most people in the World. That Karma [like that of death], is an Absolute and operates irrespective of ones belief in it is a fact. Anyone can deny one or the other... with no impact on either.

That the vast majority of the population of the Earth are living lives they believe represent all there is to know about Life is a fact. It is also a fact that the Law of Karma is largely unknown in the West and this is sad on one hand, and simply the way of Karma on the other hand. Let us not despair nor expect more than is possible for the majority of people. If you are reading this, it is not by accident.

Continuing with the concept of Spiritual Evolution... when one completes both the Yang and Yin aspects of a particular Karma, the many levels of experience one has had are converted from a dissociated bit of Apapsyche held within ones MIND as some trauma, into K&EU (Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding)[the complete exploration of everything that particular Karma has allowed one to experience] and this is then returned to ones Apapsyche, where such K&EU is stored. As ones Apapsyche increases in K&EU, this equates to an increase in ones Spiritual Evolution, the accumulation of which is how ones Soul ascends the Ladder of Life. As ones Soul ascends the Ladder of Life, ones Soul automatically awakens to higher levels of Reality or higher levels of relative truth. These higher levels of truth naturally cause ones Apapsyche to detach from what were previously held as true. These higher bits of truth come to one via ones "intuition" as little Ah-Ha's, that instantly awakens one to a higher truth which automatically replaces the previous truth thus helping one "see" how Reality differs from the "illusion of life".

Needless to say..... what I just described is happening with people all the time, but in such a way that rarely does anyone look at what they are experiencing as the Esoteric Reality of Life reaching out to touch oneself. We simply accept that it is OK to intuit these bits of higher reality and then immediately begin thinking....

Intuition is a faculty of ones Apapsyche and it is Spiritual in structure, form and operation. Ones MIND has nothing to do with ones intuition, in other words. And this means ones intuition has nothing to do with ones thinking. In point of fact, as soon as one begins thinking, one has just eliminated ones intuition. How so, you ask?

To comprehend how the Esoteric dimensions of Man operate, one must first comprehend who, what and how oneself operates. Man is composed of three simultaneously existing and yet separate vibrational realms or energies. What I just said is that you are composed of three realms of vibrational energies that all share the same time and space... but you - using your brain and its physical senses - can only perceive the physical dimension of yourself. The vibrational energy of your MIND is too subtle for your physical brain to perceive. Your Spiritual Energy is even more subtle and even your MIND cannot perceive your Spiritual Energy. So, two-thirds of yourself are incapable of being perceived by your brain and its faculties. What then can perceive these non-physical dimensions of yourself?

The answer is: Your Apapsyche [Operational Energy of your Soul].

Specifically your intuition which is a faculty of your Apapsyche. At the level of the physical plane, it is not possible to perceive your Apapsyche. However one can experience ones intuition thanks to the "Attn Aspect" of ones Apapsyche.

The Apapsyche has two aspects by which it works. One is the Attn Aspect, and the other is the Awar Aspect. The Attn Aspect is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, which is the Energy of God, ones Soul, ones Apapsyche, and the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche. Being composed of NSgy, the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche has the ability to instantly enter any of the three realms which make up the Whole Human Being, and the Attn Aspect can adopt the vibrational energy of the realm it has entered, and it can then act like the realm it is in. And the Awar Aspect always follows the Attn Aspect, and what the Attn Aspect is focused upon is what ones Awar Aspect is experiencing.

Ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche must be in ones Apapsyche [and thus composed of its natural NSgy], for one to access ones intuition. K&EU resides within ones Apapsyche, and the ONLY way to open oneself to the K&EU within ones Apapsyche is by ones intuition. And one can ONLY access ones intuition when the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche is fixed within ones Apapsyche.... but do not forget the caveat.

What caveat? K&EU is ones own Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding, however this K&EU is very carefully guarded and only when one is "ready" can one access it. Before one can access the K&EU relative to a certain level of Spiritual Evolution [which is relative to what rung of the Ladder of Life one is perched upon] one must have ascended to that rung. So, it is not merely that one has accumulated K&EU, one must also have accumulated a rung of the Ladder of Life that allows one to "properly" use the K&EU one has earned. This selective access to K&EU is monitored by ones Apapsyche. The elements of Karma, MIND and Life all serve as parts of ones Spiritual Evolution [whether one wants this or desires this or believes in this is irrelevant]. Once ones Soul commits to Life, which means the continuous cycle of life and death, ones Soul has chosen to accept the Purpose of Life.

There are numberless Souls within the Causal region of Creation as well as the Astral region of Creation that have existed in those regions since the Creation began. They can remain there forever should they desire to do so. Only those Souls that have committed themselves to Life are involved in the Purpose of Life. All Souls on the physical plane have made this commitment and all of us are perched upon some rung of the Ladder of Life which means we are all relatively aware....

Where one is perched upon the Ladder of Life determines the relative level of access one has to ones Apapsyche and this in turn determines how much ones MIND determines ones life. The more ones MIND is involved in ones life, the more subject one is to ones brain and its thinking [which means a diminished access to intuition]. And ones view of the "illusion of life" as the only reality there is, is relative to where one is perched on the Ladder of Life. Finally, the more intellectual one is, the less Spiritual one is... generally speaking. There are of course exceptions, but these exceptions are rare.

Generally speaking the more intellectual one is, the less Spiritually Evolved one is. Not that Spiritually Evolved individuals cannot use their intellect, it is more that they eschew the intellect in favor of intuition because intuition is naturally True, Honest and Real whereas "thinking" is often a product of ones MIND and inherently false or intentionally dishonest. Dishonest in that the Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain is most often intended to mask something ones MIND holds hidden within itself. So the purpose of such D-Think is to prevent one from being open and honest. But one engaged in D-Think rarely realizes this is what one is doing.

Just think of a normal bell curve. Exceptions on the two ends, with the mass in the middle. On one end are the Spiritually awakened Souls, and on the other end are those Soul who are in complete denial of God, the Soul and even Spirituality itself. It is not possible for those Souls who have awakened to the Spirituality within themselves to impact those Souls in denial of Spirituality. The reason? "Readiness".

No Soul can awaken to a level of Reality beyond what one is "ready" to awaken to. And this "readiness" refers to where on the Ladder of Life a Soul is perched and the level of K&EU that Soul has earned. No Soul can awaken to a level of Knowledge where such Knowledge would be misused to harm others. This is the reason only those Souls that have "earned" K&EU can awaken to what they have earned. A certain level of humility must precede ones awakening to the K&EU one has earned. The rung upon which a Soul is perched has been "earned" and that Soul has the Conscience and Discretion to use its relative higher truths wisely. This "process" of Life is a simple and exquisite Plan by God, and its name is the Law of Karma, or fulfilling the Purpose of Life.

And we return to the scientist who is unable to perceive, or intuit the fact that what he or she perceives via his or her brain is not all there is. Unless the Soul of the scientist resides on a higher rung of the Ladder of Life, that scientist has no option but to "think" his or her way through life. This leaves a great deal of manipulating of the physical environment open to the scientist, but this manipulating of the environment is purely physical. None of it is Spiritual. How do we know this?

Because the Purpose of Life is for the Soul to explore and experience the Creation thoroughly, but nothing of the physical will accompany ones Soul as it rises into higher regions of Creation, ultimately to return Home to God. One does Karma in other words to accumulate K&EU, not to build some monument to oneself on the physical plane... if one is wise, that is. The more involved one becomes with the illusion of life, the more Karma one accumulates. Ego inherently creates Karma, and once created... Karma must be returned to one. "As one sows, so shall one reap." This is the Law of Karma. The virtue of Humility is evidence that one has learned not to exercise ego.

The more attached to the physical plane one is, the less able one is to ascend the rungs of the Ladder of Life. That one remains stuck on a lower rung is just fine with ones MIND. It loves the physical plane and finds it very exciting. And ones MIND loves the illusion that it is the top of Creation. Since ones brain cannot perceive ones MIND, until one discovers ones intuition, one really is stuck in the illusion of life.

It is the unusual Soul that longs for its own Spiritual Energy. It is this unusual longing that causes ones Soul to resist the MIND and its ceaseless desire. But this unusual longing must be earned by lifetimes of doing and then completing Karma. The Reality of Life is very different than what we in the West, and in America in particular have been taught.

So, that science is in opposition to Spirituality is a natural thing to happen. That science searches the physical plane for answers the physical plane cannot provide is also natural. That those who resist the MIND are few in number is also natural. That those who celebrate and admire the intellect routinely deny Spirituality is natural. That those who are greatly attached to the brain and thinking are generally opposed to Spirituality and the Esoteric dimensions of Life is also natural. Those who have acquired sufficient Spiritual Evolution to consciously seek Spirituality will always be few in number.

It is the rung of the Ladder of Life upon which one is perched that determines ones level of "consciousness" [ones ability to access Conscience]. Ones capability of resisting the negativity of this Iron Age is not dependent upon ones brain, or ones MIND, but is actually determined by how much Karma one has yet to experience as opposed to how much one has already completed. If one has access to ones intuition, one is blessed and one has also completed a great deal of Karma. We do not admire or even much respect the Spiritually Evolved in the West. We fail in this due to ignorance, which we do cling to with gusto.

Even the existence of ones Spirituality is rarely expressed in America, and the idea that one has a "choice" relative to ones MIND and ones Spirituality is a national secret. To the degree the nation remains focused on the brain and thinking, the Spirituality of Man remains hidden, denied, and a secret. The physical life is marvelous in America, and hedonism is on the rise... but the Spiritual seeker had best keep his or her aspiration hidden.

To expect science to bring resolution to the problems of Man is short-sighted, in my opinion of course. Not dissimilar to America expecting a one term Senator with no actual experience of life to serve as a competent President. Delusional Thinking and longing for a Utopian existence is a natural operation of the MIND of a Man.... short on Spiritual Evolution.

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