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In the West, and let us speak specifically of the U.S.A., there is a great deal we do not know about the Whole Human Being. Of the advanced cultures of the world [where the majority of the population is educated] our closest neighbor is Great Britain, and in Great Britain there is more denial of the Esoteric dimensions of the Whole Human Being than in the United States of America, but only sightly so.

In Western cultures there is a tendency for the vast majority of the population to be Left-Hemisphere of the brain oriented, and of that majority a number will actually be Left-Hemisphere dominant. We will refer to this as L-Ho or L-Hd. What this means is that the majority of people depend upon and make use of the L-H as their "primary" tool for understanding Life. So what? I can almost hear some readers asking this question. The brain has two hemispheres, and most people know this.... what most people do not know is that "thinking" uses the L-H and the R-H is used by those who naturally have access to the faculty of "intuition".

Most people "think" that what they "think" is just part of what their brain does, and this takes place entirely within their brains. And that as part of such thinking they make use of their brain, their physical senses, and their thinking is normally in response to or in reaction to things occurring outside of themselves. What people rarely realize is that much of their thinking is being fed to them by their MINDs because they are not supposed to realize this.... normally.

People do not "think" about the difference between the brain and the MIND in other words, because this difference is rarely discernible. In addition, a primary role of ones MIND is to subtly prevent one from discovering its existence... [as separate from ones brain] and it does this by the super subtle use of its DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity], or the primary Defense Mechanism of the MIND.

Ones MIND realm consists of two different fully non-physical vibrational energy realms. One is the Astral realm and the other is the Causal realm. And in saying this, I cause the reader to leap into a level of understanding that is normally confined to mystics. However the interest of mystics lies not in the Psychology of Man, but in things Spiritual.... so this "line" of separation has always existed between those who study Man and those who study Spirituality. Except in the rare instance of the Gnostics, many of whom were the ancient Greeks who gave us the term Psychology. Psychology was intended to be the "unique" study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man. And Psychology somewhat followed this Esoteric path until the early 1900's, when the idea of "Behaviorism" was introduced by B. F. Skinner.

Skinner merely denied the Esoteric within Man, considering it irrelevant to what was of interest to him [he was trained in the scientific study of animal behavior]. When the term "scientific" is used it always means "confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain". In other words, one is "scientific" if one denies and ignores and pretends that the Esoteric two-thirds of Man does not exist, while focusing on only that which ones brain and physical senses alone can perceive.

Interestingly enough what Skinner tapped into was the natural denial process that exists in every person who is Left-Hemisphere oriented [L-Ho], or Left-Hemisphere dominant [L-Hd]. The difference between these two is that those individuals who are L-Ho very often can make use of the faculty of intuition [thus accessing something of the Esoteric within themselves] while those who are L-Hd are rarely able to access [and intensely fear] anything of the Esoteric within themselves.

So, when Skinner introduced his Delusional Thinking as the projected idea of "Behaviorism" it came [from his own MIND realm as a solution to his great fear of the Esoteric within himself as Delusional Thinking (or D-Think) fed to the L-H of his brain] as a replica of the way in which his own MIND denied the Esoteric by intensely focusing on things physical as directed by the DM=SI of his MIND. In other words, Skinner's idea of Behaviorism was in actuality a verbal replication of the operation of the DM=SI of his own MIND. For research on the DM=SI:

The fact that the MINDs of tens of thousands would readily recognize his offering as an opportunity to study his new "behavioral approach to psychology" in complete safety [they would not have to face the "Unknown" Esoteric hidden within their own MINDs] was a happy coincidence, perfectly situated to support the Iron Age in which Man is currently exploring. I don't believe in coincidence, how about you?

The West, led by America, has been in denial of two-thirds of who and what Man is/are.... and this means that "why" we are is likewise obscured. I refer to modern mental health as "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"]. Not everyone realizes the fact that it is not possible to deny two-thirds of oneself and maintain a naturally flowing/growing Spiritual Evolution. To deny two-thirds of oneself puts one in retrograde relative to the Purpose of Life. And in retrograde bad things happen..... perhaps this is by way of "natural consequence", but if one knows better.... one can avoid much grief.

The "problem is..." when BS&bp is dedicated to denial of Reality, and it puts itself out as the "authority" on the subject of Man, it is most difficult for the single individual to buck the system. Without this little bit of explanation of the Reality of the Whole Human Being, I would not be able to explain the difference between the Conservative and the Liberal. With this said, let us explore this difference.

As indicated or implied, there are two basic types of people. The vast majority are L-Ho or L-Hd, and a minority are R-Ho, or Right-Hemisphere oriented.... those who are R-Hd or dominate are so alien to the West that they are drugged into a catatonic stupor so that those in BS&bp are not unnecessarily frightened. Many who are R-Hd find themselves confined in asylums for life. The open expression of the Esoteric by these people is entirely too frightening to those who are L-Ho/L-Hd and particularly so for those who are L-Hd, as Skinner was.

The "Liberal" type personality fits into that basic type who is L-Ho or L-Hd. This means that the "Conservative" type personality fits into that basic type who is R-Ho [we have already discussed what happens to those who are R-Hd]. The difference lies in how open to or capable of accessing ones Esoteric realms one is?

And let us attempt to make very clear this fact: What "type" personality one has is not a matter of a single choice one makes, but is rather a matter of ones Karma. Karma is another subject which the West tends to ignore. Each human being comes into life with a "Fate Karma". Ones Fate Karma is the design for ones current life that one designed at the close of ones last life. You might want to read this last sentence a couple times to force your MIND to accept that you are now aware of this fact, and to cease its attempts to keep you in the dark regarding it.

As an informational aside.... what most people fail to "Know" about their Esoteric dimensions is perfectly natural, normal, and precisely what they are supposed to "not know". In order to perform certain required Karma one must be in the dark regarding the consequences of ones actions, otherwise one would not do what one "needs" to do to fulfill ones Karmic obligations. So there is a "built-in" level of ignorance to Life that many have, but few realize this. This means that there are many L-Ho and L-Hd individuals who will go entirely through this life and never realize what they do not know! We error in other words when we "judge" others for their ignorance. The "problem" is... how do we deal with this ignorance?

The subtle difference between pointing out a fact while not judging the person who is caught up in the fact is no doubt not something hotly debated. But if those who are Conservative do not intensely focus on judging the actions of people who are Liberal, the Liberal will use this failure to bury the Conservative with no hesitation whatsoever. Try this on for practice... part of what makes a Liberal a "Liberal type personality" is a diminished access to the virtues of Conscience and Discretion.

Conscience and Discretion as well as "Knowledge" are all part of ones Spiritual realm, and specifically what I have labeled ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. The faculty of "Intuition" is an aspect of ones Apapsyche, and access to ones intuition is in alignment with ones Fate Karma. So the more ones Fate Karma requires one to engage in actions and activities that are primarily associated with ones MIND: Which means ones Ego, desires, and avarice in the illusion of life, and this requires that one must have limited access to both Conscience and Discretion.

Imagine if you will, there is a "ladder of Life", and the rungs of this ladder are much wider at the bottom to accommodate the fact that the vast majority of Souls are perched on these lower rungs. The reason the vast majority of the population are L-Ho or L-Hd is that the vast majority of the population reside on these lower rungs of the ladder of Life. Ones access to ones intuition and thus to ones Knowledge and the virtues of Conscience and Discretion is relative to ones Spiritual Evolution which is determined by how much Karma one has "completed". And ones completion of ones Karma is an automatic process and involves having lived many, many lifetimes.

Is there a correlation between one being a Liberal or a Conservative and ones Spiritual Evolution ? In essence the answer is yes, there is a correlation. And the correlation is of course relative to ones position on the ladder of Life. It is not possible to ascertain ones actual position on the ladder, but ones thoughts, beliefs and actions provide a clear indication of ones position. They are indeed self-evident.

By answering a few pertinent questions one may estimate ones relative position on the ladder of Life if one answers the questions honestly.
1. Does each human being possess a Soul?
2. Is ones Soul an aspect of God?
3. Is Life ruled by the Law of Karma?
4. Is the Law of Karma supported by the Will of God?
5. Is the Purpose of Life to completely explore and experience the Creation?
6. Is ones life perfect relative to fulfilling ones Fate Karma?
7. Is ones Fate Karma ones own design created at the close of ones last life?
8. Can government and man-made laws interfere in people fulfilling the Fate Karma they designed to work through in this life?
9. Can ones thinking be "delusional" [not real] due to the subtle influence of the DM=SI of ones own MIND.... and one not realize this?
10. Is it possible to believe that a point of view is real when it is actually false?

If you answered "yes" to all ten of these questions, you are quite likely a Conservative and your Spiritual Evolution is well on its way to completion. For every "no" answer, consider yourself residing on a rung of the ladder of life one step lower.

Now consider another set of questions:
1. Is it natural to be concerned about ones future on Earth?
2. Is it ones duty to help the poor and to try to make their lives a bit richer?
3. Are some people just incapable of helping themselves?
4. Do you often feel just a little guilty at your good fortune?
5. Do you feel saddened that so many people must struggle in life?
6. Do you agree that it is Man that has corrupted nature?
7. Do you agree with Gore that Global warming is taking place?
8. Do you feel more secure when government takes more responsibility for us?

If you answered "yes" to any of these eight questions, you are more Liberal than Conservative, but how much so depends upon how many "yes" answers you had? Let us consider these questions in a bit of detail from a Conservative perspective.

1. Is it natural to be concerned about ones future on Earth?
In this question I am not talking about "wondering" about what is going to take place in America, or in the world? Or wondering what one is going to have to face in the future? I am talking about people like Gore, who is filled with "fears" which he accused President Bush as playing upon.... and whose delusional thinking is fixated upon the idea that Man is "causing" global warming... when the evidence is that in 2008 the mean temperature dropped by a degree over that of 2007. And in many areas of the world the winter of 2009 has broken records for cold temperatures.

Only those who are ignorant of the Law of Karma, the Purpose of Life, and the nature of the Soul would be "concerned" about ones future. Ones Soul is permanent and nothing that happens on Earth can harm ones Soul... which is the only part of oneself that is Real in an Absolute sense.

2. Is it ones duty to help the poor and to try and make their lives a bit richer?
The nature of the Law of Karma is such that no one experiences anything on this physical plane that is not "necessary" for one to experience. Is it wrong to help those who are paying off Karmic debts that require them to experience poverty in this life? Of course not.... if one uses ones own money, time, effort and resources to do this! But to pass laws [levi taxes] that rob from some people to give to those whose Fate Karma for this life is to experience poverty, which then "forces" people to interfere in the Fate Karma of those who are poor is very wrong indeed!

Only those who are driven by delusional guilt [which is often non-conscious] try to interfere in the lives of others. But their fear of taking "personal responsibility" causes them to try to make the government "responsible". Typical Liberal Thinking.

3. Are some people just incapable of helping themselves?
The fact is those who appear to be helpless, appear this way to entice those whose Fate Karma is such that they are driven to "help" others. The truth is... and this will strike some as most unbelievable... Those who are driven to help those who seem incapable of helping themselves actually have Karma between them to work out. Tit for tat is a golden rule of the Law of Karma. As one sows, so shall one reap is the absolute Reality of Karma.

Each of us is "driven" by our MIND realms to engage Life in order to do Karma, which is the Purpose of Life. When you do a "good deed" for another, that obligates that other to do a "good deed" for you some time in the future. This is not some arbitrary thing that people may chose to do.... it is an Absolute necessity in that the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law and every act one does is etched within ones MIND realm upon MINDLines whose purpose is to mark and account for every Karmic thought and action one does. Ones MIND is an aspect of the Universal MIND and the Universal MIND is charged with assuring that the Law of Karma is adhered to by every Soul via its MIND.

The brain of Man is a tiny fraction of the capability that Man has to perceive and comprehend Life. In the West, we tend to deny and ignore intuition, but in the greater sense of Reality ones intuition is ones primary source for comprehending Life. Each person has some capacity for intuition, and how much intuition one has is itself relative to which rung of the ladder of Life one is perched upon. Ones perch is "earned" by how much Karma one has completed, and this "completion" takes place within ones own Esoteric realms by a process I refer to as "Esotransmutation".

We "grow" or increase our Spiritual Evolution very slowly, but each of us does evolve. It is pointless to attempt to "judge" the relative Spiritual Evolution of anyone and even Christ said to forget trying to do so. I am doing so in this blog only to shed some light upon the phenomenal growth of Liberalism in America.

4. Do you often feel just a little guilty at your good fortune?
Again, the Law of Karma is an Absolute, and as such, it is absolutely impartial regarding we Souls who are subject to it. There is nothing "personal" in what ones life brings to one, although ones ego [ones MIND and its sense of reality as separate from ones Spiritual Reality] takes almost everything personally. If you are experiencing a life that you imagine is "good" then rest assured that you have "earned" this "good" life by what you have done in previous lives. No doubt about this fact.

And be aware that it is both natural and beneficial to experience "Empathetic Understanding" regarding what others are experiencing in their lives. You intuitively Know what others are experiencing because you have already experienced this, and you now possess both Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding of what Life has to offer by way of poverty, pain and want. But Empathetic Understanding must not be confused with "guilt", "shame" or self-recrimination that ones own life is "good". If you comprehend what I am writing here, then you are evolved enough to comprehend it... not everyone is this evolved.

Given what I have written thus far, you can probably elaborate upon the other questions yourself. Life on this physical plane is an illusion in that it is not an Absolute because it is neither permanent nor Real. It is as real as it needs to be to serve as a believable stage for us to act out the Karma we "need" to act out. But the wise individual will hold back just a bit and attempt to not be drawn into the illusion so that one forgets the Higher Reality that resides "within" oneself. I am of course speaking of a Soul that has achieved some Spiritual Evolution...

The typical Liberal has a Fate Karma that demands that he or she be somewhat closed off to Conscience and Discretion. And of course anyone who is thus reduced in access to Conscience, Discretion and Knowledge [Wisdom] or (common sense) would not have any idea that he/she was disadvantaged. Indeed the opposite is true.

The typical Liberal views those who believe in God and attempt to live good quiet lives, accepting what Life throws at them with humility and gratefulness that Life is not worse... and only hope the government will stay out of their lives.... as people who are less intelligent, and thus less capable of caring for themselves. This view by the Liberal is completely wrong and is in fact delusional. This view is a projection created by the MIND of the Liberal as a means of "venting" the energy generated by the many fears being repressed within the MIND of the Liberal. Of course the typical Liberal has no idea that he/she is filled with fear, or that what he/she "thinks" is being fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain as a means of projecting upon others what he/she fears.... which is "personal responsibility".

To exercise "personal responsibility" one must dip into the "Unknown" Esoteric realms within oneself, and the typical Liberal fears the "Unknown" rather intensely and avoids contact with the "Unknown" by remaining locked within the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and "thinking". It is not possible to experience the Esoteric realms within oneself while ones attention remains fixed in the L-H of ones brain.

What is the "Unknown"? Basically the "Unknown" is any part of the Esoteric realms within oneself that ones brain cannot perceive. But specific to the MIND, the biggest paradox of Life is that the "Unknown" that ones MIND fears is ones own Spirituality [Ones Soul]. The vibrational Energy of ones Spiritual realm is so subtle that ones MIND cannot perceive it, and therefore misperceives it to be some "monster" lurking within oneself. The only part of Man that can access and explore Spirituality is ones intuition, which is an aspect of ones Apapsyche, which is my name for the Operational Energy of ones Soul.

The single advantage the Conservative has over the Liberal is access to the faculty of intuition. The more Spiritually Evolved one becomes the more access to intuition one has, and the more Conservative one becomes. But rare is the Conservative who recognizes this advantage or uses it to help the world.

Another bizarre paradox is that the more Spiritually Evolved one becomes [the natural result of having completed a great deal of Karma which means having lived many, many lifetimes] the less "out-going" one becomes. The Conservative is thought to be somewhat dull and uninteresting because he/she has little interest in notoriety, fame, or need for adulation. The reason for this is that the Soul of the Conservative is focused "within" more than without. There are exceptions of course, but in general the Conservative is more inwardly focused than the Liberal.

But do not mistake the Liberal's interest in meditation and yoga as indicating an interest in exposing the "Unknown" within themselves. Their interest is strictly intellectual, and at the fist hint of "losing cerebral control" their interest in things mystical ceases. The typical Conservative does not realize he or she has an inward focus... since there is nothing intellectual about this focus, it is an awakening of ones Apapsyche and is entirely Spiritual in nature. The only rarely recognized hint of this inward focusing is an occasional Ah-Ha where one suddenly awakens to a new "bit" of intuition that allows one to view Life from a slightly higher perspective of reality, thus causing one to realize that one was mistaken about certain aspects of Life previously. This Ah-Ha subtly causes one to slightly alter ones view of Life, and to subtly "detach" from life somewhat... but only rarely is this noted by others.

This means that generally speaking the Conservative cares less about interfering in the world and has little interest in the lives of others.... intuitively realizing that the lives of others are simply individuals working through the Fate Karma each created for this life.... but this "Knowledge" is rarely thought to be something others do not also know. So the Conservative is continually confused when Liberals get in the way of people seeking to grow, learn, experience and simply pursue the Purpose of Life?

Only the Liberal with a MIND intent upon masking fear by seeking to become intellectually involved in Life views others as needing help. This constant external focusing seeks to continually "correct" Life by creating more and more laws.

What the Liberal attributes to others is a projection of what the Liberal him/herself needs.... but is unaware of needing because his/her MIND denies this need. The Liberal fears "personal responsibility" [or reaching deep within the emotionally fearful energy of his/her MIND for the strength to due battle with Life] and therefore "projects" [assumes that] others must also fear helping themselves. What the Liberal fails to comprehend is that to the degree others are "helped" so that they do not have to overcome their fears, these fears remain within them. The Liberal has no idea that he or she is making Life more difficult for everyone, and there is no way to convince the Liberal that this is true.

The Capitalist system wherein great effort and sacrifice results in great reward is intensely frightening to the Liberal, as I believe the reader can now understand? The Liberal is inherently comfortable with the socialist or communistic idea of punishing individual effort, and taking from those who work hard and sacrifice to achieve and giving to those whose cowardice prevents them from helping themselves. This is of course alien to the Purpose of Life, but it "fits" perfectly with those whose fear prevents them from using "personal responsibility" to engage Life.

The Conservative is much too tolerant and patient with those whose non-conscious fears cause them to sabotage and put in harms way the American way of life. The fear of "personal responsibility" causes the Liberal to hate those who are not afraid to defend America, and the Liberal will use every occasion to "punish" soldiers, or those who support war, guns, or self-protection. The Liberal has a constant and unrelenting "secret" desire to live in utopia where no one has to risk asserting oneself for any reason. The United Nations is dedicated to the "secret" needs of Liberalism. That is the real reason Conservatives hate the UN.

Most Conservatives "hate" fear. The hatred most Conservatives repress regarding Liberals is generated by the repressed fear driving Liberals and not for the individuals themselves... but this distinction offers an advantage to the Liberal.

A favorite hatred of mine are those responsible for the helmet law that has now been extended to little children with scooters [in Vancouver, WA]. I used to love riding my bicycle with the wind tossing my sparse grey hair..... and how I did enjoy a sense of freedom... and danger! Now with the thought police constantly looking to ticket anyone brave enough to ride a bicycle without a helmet for the coffers of the city..... I just look fondly at my bike gathering dust and think of how much of life I and other Conservatives have allowed fearful Liberals to take away from us.

This is the great "paradox" between the typical Liberal and the typical Conservative. The Liberal pities the Conservative [but will seek to take advantage of the Conservative in every way possible], while the Conservative sees the typical Liberal as confused, often complaining, even confrontational and manipulative, but fails to consider the Liberal as a threat. The Russian Revolution of 1917, was instigated by typical Liberals whose desire was to manifest the ultimate delusional fantasy that government can produce an utopian life for Man by simply applying theoretical concepts of equality [existing no where in nature] upon Man---- thus attempting to go contrary to the Law of Karma. Any socialist ideal is alien to Reality and must of necessity create great chaos and suffering among people because it interferes in the Fate Karma of everyone.... even the Liberals who create it.

The paradox of Conservative vs Liberal relative to Life is that being more Spiritually Evolved the Conservative does not fear the Liberal... but should.

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